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My name is Brad Taylor, by trade I am a middle school science.  As a teacher, I had to find something to do during the summer months because as the saying goes, "idle hands are

the devil's work"!  Ask my wife, as she is starting to believe my decoys are reproducing at an exponential rate!

During the summer of 2003 I decided that I would build a Gatorboats Duckhunter marshboat.  I come from a woodworking background where my stepfather is a carpenter and my dad is truly an artist with wood, luckily for me I have managed to combine qualities of the two. As the summer of 2004 approached I desperately wanted to build another boat, however, if I built one for myself my wife would have made me sleep in it!  So I decided to build a Duckhunter for someone else. Finding potential buyers was not a problem, as I believe my attention to detail speaks for itself. Each time I build a boat, I often think, "I'm there, it can't get any better".  Yet with each new build I find a way to make something better or more polished.  It may be in how I build a particular aspect, finding a better quality component or a little tweak in the design.

Since building that first Duckhunter in 2003, I have expanded my line of models offered with an enlarged version of the Duckhunter, the DHmini, and three boats of my own design, the Hellcat,the No Fly Zone, and the Air Traffic Control.  As of July 2016 I have placed boats in 14 states across the US from the East to the West coast. I have also been fortunate to be featured in Wildfowl magazine and American Waterfowler numerous times over the last few years.  If you are ever in the area and would like to stop by my shop, please contact me.


Antique Duck Boat Restoration

If you have a vintage gunning skiff you would like to have restored or that is in need of restoration that you would like to sell, please feel free to contact me.

Boat Repair & Modification

From hull repairs to storage additions, please contact me discuss options.

EZ Loader Trailer Purchase

No matter if you are in need of a trailer to go with your Toller boat or just in need of a new trailer under your float, contact us for a competitive price quote!

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