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The DH2

The DH2 is the larger sister boat of the Duckhunter.  At basically a 25% proportional increase in size, the DH2 is for the hunter who likes the Duckhunter design, but is in need of additional carrying capacity.  The DH2 design is a kind of a unique story in itself.  In 2006 I was contacted by a gentleman out of Oregon that was interested in a Duckhunter, however, he had two sons that he wanted to be able to take with him.  I had always wanted to build a larger Duckhunter and proposed the idea to him.  After a brief conversation, the build was a go.  Upon completion, I met him "halfway" between NC and OR while on our annual hunting trip in North Dakota.  I try to keep up with all boats/owners and after several years I reached out to him, only to find the boat was still at his camp and had never seen water.   Sadly, a few years after this, a family friend of his contacted me to inform me that he had passed away and the boat had still never touched the water and was showing some wear from being stored out in the elements. 

That DH2 is the only one built to date, which explains why the pictures are limited.  However, if this model interests you, I can assure you many of the later model DH design cues and quality would transfer over the to the DH2.  Some of the changes to note would be the use of a Tempress style hatch at the front compartment, the half hexagon shape to the front of the cockpit, recessed LED light bar like the other models and higher coaming.


Length: 18'3" on deck

Max Width: 60" on floor, 69" on rail

Side Height: 10", 21.5" including decking

Weight: ~500 lbs

Capacity: 4 persons or 1060 lbs of motor/gear/persons

Max HP: 40HP

There very few options for the DH2 that are not standard.

  • The DH2 is built of Meranti and Okoume ply.  Interior framing is constructed of ash along with the coaming and grass rails are constructed of ash. 

  • The exterior of the boat is sheathed in 6 oz. fiberglass and epoxy.

  • The lower hull is coated with graphite thickened epoxy that is sanded to 220 smooth creating a tough, slick bottom.

  • The keel strips are fabricated from UHMW and fastened with stainless hardware and a specialty adhesive.

  • The interior floor and both compartments are covered with spray-in Grizzly Grip bed liner, which further waterproofs the interior as well as adding traction and protection from gas & oil.

  • A top of the line switch panel, including 12 volt auxillary outlet, USB outlet and volt meter controlling interior LED lights, 72 watt CREE LED light bar, two 1200 gph bilge (1 auto/1 manual), LED running lights.

  • Dry storage in the front compartment also houses the battery with the included battery tray and quick disconnects.

  • Custom aluminum transom bracket/plate that serves to strengthen transom, distribute motor weight and allow the motor to be shimmed to the correct height

  • 2 part marine foam in the fore and aft compartments to provide full emergency floatation.

  • Lock, Stock and Barrell flat marine enamel and my custom camo pattern.

  • A movable padded running seat.

Cost - $11,500

Optional Features:

  • Permanent below deck fuel tank.  Includes all fittings, fuel fill, fuel line and electric fuel gauge located at instrument panel - $750

  • Kevlar coated bottom and lower hull.  5 oz Kevlar sandwiched between two layers of 6 oz fiberglass further strengthen and protect the hull against damage (recommended if you are going to run a mud motor) - $1350

  • Trailerable Hard Cover - $1000

  • Removable Grab Bar - If you're planning on running a mud motor a grab bar is a handy accessory.  The bar pins to a base on the floor and can be easily removed. - $150


All models are built to order.  A $4000 deposit is due before construction will begin, with the remainder being due upon completion. I will accept credit cards via Paypal, however, there will be a 3% surcharge.

Trailers Options:

You are welcome to supply your own trailer, however, if you need a trailer for your DH please contact me to discuss the options EZ Loader offers.

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