October 2020 - Sold the previously built ATC please consider helping out my students to build a Duckhunter that will be raffled off once completed!  I transitioned from teaching middle school  science to the high school woodworking and carpentry position.  The shop was left in a state of disrepair with many tools inoperable or missing.  Fortunately, the CTE program approved the majority of my purchase request.  Unfortunately that left little in the way of funds for class projects. With that being said, take a look!





In 2017 the  NFZ build was an undercover purchase by the US Coast Guard for testing.  I'm glad say aside for a few minor infractions for the wording and sizing on my capacity label and the markings on the bow light/height of the stern light she passed all tests.

I will be adding the NFZ HD to the lineup real soon.  The HD is tougher, longer and deeper and loaded with accessories !

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 10.11.46 AM.pn
Displacement Testing
Filled with water.
Capacity Testing
Port List Test
Starboard Test
Test Pass
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